How Vinpocetine Boosts Memory Power

by Bryan Reese

Posted on Wednesday 15th of October 2008

Inadequate blood circulation in the brain is one of the most important mechanisms that is responsible for cognitive declines which accompany aging. These are some of the common problems that are remembering directions, appointments and names. There are also memory lapses and episodes of confusion are also most often experienced. Most of the researches have indicated that Vinpocetine which are memory booster vitamins for the brain help in reducing the occurrence of these type of developments as they increase the blood circulation of the brain. The memory power booster has also been very much true for those people who experience this mild age related cognitive problems.

This Vinpocetine is generally derived from the extract that is taken from periwinkle plant which is an evergreen under shrub. It is more commonly found in Europe where the plant was under examination right from the 1950s as it is also used to fight age related decline and stroke in the functions of brain. This Vinpocetine was just recently made available in the United States but is not like a prescription drug in Europe but is available like the over the counter nutritional supplement. This memory booster vitamin for the brain also enhances the oxygen use of the brain by increasing the amount of adenosine triphosphate or ATP which is cellular fuel of the body. Those people who suffer from dementia that is caused by a number of tiny strokes can greatly benefit from this memory power supplement to make up an oxygen rich brain environment. If they are not treated properly then they can cause conditions related to memory problems which are closely related to that as the Alzheimer’s disease. This Vinpocetine brain booster can help you protect this part of the brain from being damaged or prone to problems.

There were also extensive studies conducted in Europe where this Vinpocetine is also largely used to fight symptoms of motor disorders, acute stroke and also dizziness. A few studies also indicate a likely value in improving hearing and visual acuity as well. There are also healthy people who have experienced an improved short term memory power with this Vinpocetine. Apart from this some of the researches also indicate that this Vinpocetine can also

• Improve use of glucose in the brain cells
• Increase the APT energy levels of the brain
• Enhance serotonin levels with other neurotransmitters
• Prevents or stops the blood from being sticky
• Improves memory, learning and boosts memory power
• Improves vision
• Enhances intellectual metabolism
• Improves tolerance of the brain during lack of oxygen supply in the brain
• Helps with tinnitus including the causes for hearing impairment
• Aids with mood changes, depression and sleep disorders

There are actually long term benefits in using this Vinpocetine memory power booster as a nutritional supplement as it can outweigh your short term benefits as it improves the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the brain during a number of regenerative cycles.

Using Vinpocetine as memory pills to enhance memory pills will not have any side effects and is nontoxic even when dosed a number of times higher that the normal dose used and they also have low risk for any side effects when you take then with food. However this Vinpocetine supplement should be avoided by the pregnant women who are nursing and even by those people who have records of allergic reactions and hypersensitivity.

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