How to Convince Your Husband to Get Liposuction

by Beth Ortiz

Posted on Thursday 9th of October 2008

Men have traditionally had it easier than women in the personal appearance department. When a woman has some extra weight on her, that usually makes her less desirable. But, it seems like lots of middle aged guys have a paunch to them, and no one really seems to comment.

Well, your husband's expanding girth isn't desirable to you at all, and you really want him to get liposuction. You've tried to get him to cut back on the beer drinking, knowing that beer really packs on the weight. The only six pack your husband has is sitting in the refrigerator.

You've tried to tell your husband that him getting liposuction would do you both a world of good. He should just consider all of the extra energy getting that weight off would give him, and how handsome you'd find him again. So far, your husband hasn't been listening to you at all. He says that if you weren't so much of a nag to him, maybe he'd cut back on the beer drinking, and the liposuction wouldn't be needed at all. Despite having said this, he has started doing some research about the procedure.

He's found out that liposuction is a surgical process in which an incision is made below the navel, so any scarring would not be very obvious. A long metal tube is inserted into the layer of fat that has formed. The tube is attached to an electrical pump, which literally sucks the fat out.

That sounds absolutely disgusting to him, but still, the idea of losing some weight and looking a few years younger because of it remains pretty appealing to him. Would it really be possible to lose weight without dieting and working out? Technically it would, but no reputable cosmetic surgeon would perform the procedure without some effort on his part. The ideal candidate for this kind of procedure has already tried diet and exercise for at least a year, but with little success.

Great. Well, your husband figures that he might as well find out what the risks and downsides are to this kind of surgery while he's at it. The surgery itself takes about two hours to complete, and results are not immediate. The midsection will be swollen and bandaged to allow the incision to heal. People might or might not experience certain side effects after the procedure. Although the surgical room itself should be completely sanitized, a home is not, so infection might set in.

Also, while the surgeon should be as meticulous as possible, there is some risk of nerve damage being done. What this basically means is that you wouldn't be able to have much, if any, feeling in your midsection anymore. Then, of course, there is the issue of cost. This procedure definitely isn't cheap, so if you actually go through with it, you had better be prepared to pay several thousand dollars. As you sign up for the gym membership, you think about how your wife should be proud of you anyway!

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