How Phosphotide Accelerates Memory Retention

by Bryan Reese

Posted on Wednesday 15th of October 2008

Lecithin is a natural phospholipids which can be found in the tissues of animals and its main constituent is the membranes. It is also found in legumes, embryos and also the cereals. Phosphotide has a lot of physiological properties that is used in pharmaceutical and also cosmetic purposes. This is also included as a dietary supplement for memory retention and offers cognitive functions and also for better cardiovascular health.

Phosphotides mainly consists of Phosphatidycholine, Phosphatidyethanilamine (PE) and also Phosphatidylinositol (PI) and it also has small amounts of Phosphatidic acid. The composition of Phosphodites will mainly depend on the degree to which it is purified and also its source. Phosphotide has natural emulsifiers that are very useful for memory retention. Phosphotide has phosphorus that plays a very important role in the metabolic activities of the living cells. This has been used by scientists for improving the brain retention capacity and thus improving the efficiency of a person. The complex lipids in phosphotides include sphingolipids, glycolipids, and also lipoproteins. The carbohydrates found in the compound have hydrolyzing properties and can affect the physical activities and also functional properties.

Working of phosphotides

Phosphotide is believed to consist of compositional, physical and also functional properties that can help in affecting the brain composition and enhancing the performance by enhancing the brain retention capacity. Phosphotides will utilize the Lecithin products that improve the brain function. Polysaccharide components will alter the composition of the phosphotide. The compound is related to all the chemical fields of humans, vertebrates and also mammals that are the primary step in using it on the latter groups. The biologically active compounds include glycerol phosphates and esters. Appropriate intake of nutrition is very important for good health. The diet should be supplemented with compounds that will help in improving the brain power. Ketosocapropic acid helps in avoiding muscle strain and also ministers the free alpha components. Fatty acids are used for carrying good compounds to vertebrates and human beings. The components that are emulsified or ingested will be absorbed by a different mechanism.

Functions of phosphotides

Once the phosphotides reach the blood stream it will rapidly undergo metabolism and it will get exerted by the peripheral tissues that propagates the NSE activities of the tissue. After synthesized the phosphotide will undergo purification process that also includes distillation reverse osmosis, chromatography and also reactive extraction. Heat distillation will be done for the stable compounds that avoid further degradation. The phosphatides can be prepared from soybean or phospholipids and combining it with phospholipase D that is derived in an aqueous mixture using primary or even alcoholic groups. Phosphatides can also be used as additive that allows the sedimentation of pigments and the pigmentation will lead to coating process. This has wide variation of pigmentation components and this is very helpful in enhancement of the brain cells. The dispersion of lecithin matters can be used for treatments due to its uniform dispersion. The concentration will vary based on the requirement. Phosphotides is basically a chemical compound hydrocarbon moieties that consists of 2 fatty acids. Triglyceride molecule or neutral fat is made from the reaction of phosphatidic acid with phosphatase. It is commonly found in vegetables like soybean and consuming it in the daily diet can help in improving the brain activity. This can be consumed in order to keep the brain healthy.

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