How a Cosmetic Surgeon Changes a Face

by Beth Munoz

Posted on Thursday 9th of October 2008

Hollywood is an artificial world, inhabited by lots of artificial people. These people make their living acting on the screen, and in real life. No one out there has a definitively true identity. Part of the reason for this is because they have had their looks enhanced.

When a celebrity or an everyday person wants something fixed on their face, they turn to none other than a cosmetic surgeon. When you think about it, a cosmetic surgeon is rather like a mechanic for humans. When something doesn't look right on a car, the car is taken for repairs. It's pretty much the same scenario for a person's face, isn't it?

Generally, a cosmetic surgeon specializes in a certain branch of cosmetic procedures. Actually, that's something that any prospective patient should look for in a surgeon, because that means that he or she has had lots of experience in just that area, so the chances are lower of making a mistake on a person's features.

Something that many people – especially people who have passed the prime of their lives – want is a face lift. As the skin gets older, it loses its natural moisture. That's where wrinkles come in. For some unfortunate people, the facial skin just starts to sag and drops around the face in folds.

So, what does a face lift do? A face lift takes the muscles in the face and tightens them, which thus makes the skin appear smoother. While the results are generally favorable, sometimes the patient gets too much of a face lift. A perfect example of that is how Kenny Rogers currently looks, which happens to be ridiculous.

It is for this reason that a cosmetic surgeon has to be extremely careful, and that's why the licensing procedure for this kind of specialization is quite stringent. An excellent surgeon is one that has had at least five years of rigorous training, and two years of running his or her own practice.

Of course, it is important for patients to note that the more in-demand a surgeon is, the more it will cost. That is why these kinds of procedures are generally restricted to only those who can afford them. That being said, there is no one procedure that stands out from among the rest as being the most expensive procedure. It all depends on what the specific surgeon is charging.

While some people might thing that cosmetic procedures are mostly about minimizing things in the face, there are also some procedures that include facial implants. For example, if a man (or even a woman – but this instance is less common) decides that their chin is too small, they can have a chin implant so that the chin looks more in proportion with the rest of the face.

Also, some people envy the high cheekbones inherent within certain cultures. So, they end up getting chin implants. If you're a person who is thinking about getting some work done on your face, make sure that you are aware of all potential risks. You want to be able to look in the mirror and love what you see!

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