Hair Loss Care

by Nasrullah Mardani

Posted on Wednesday 22nd of October 2008

Hair shedding is normal part of its cycle. 100 of hairs falling per day is normal, rather if it doesn’t shed or exceeds more than 125 hairs is condition to observe well. A single strand of hair usually lives for 4 years in average. Hair loss occurs due to many different reasons. The genetic hair loss occurs because of improper hair growth and not excessive hair loss.

It is a fact that hair loss begins as the age proceeds of both men and women. Men usually start losing hair by there 30s. Men start losing hair from the crown or with the bald spots. Where as women also face pattern baldness from the sides and thinning of hair is observed which indicates that they are also losing hair.

Though hair loss is also very much associated with hormonal changes. But external some other reasons may also cause hair loss like climate change, water, dryness or any other change in environmental influence. Hair loss anyhow doesn’t happen due to disease, but it is a result of ageing, hereditary or the testosterone. Both men and women pattern baldness have similar factors that are unlike more or less. Hair loss reasons may include number of factors among which the prominent ones are Alopecia Areata- that is bald patches seen on the hair places like scalp, beard and eyebrows, in some cases eye lashes also fall.

Secondly major reason is autoimmune situations like lupus, burns, high fever, emotional or physical exertion, bad habits like pulling hair or rubbing head. Serious surgeries also result in hair loss, hormonal changes especially among women during or after pregnancy. It can also be a result of birth control pills. In some conditions hair loss it self recovers like that after delivery of the baby, in a period of 6 t o8 months the hair starts getting to its normal position.

More over conditions like after recovery from high fever or other illness, hair loss gets overcome by itself but some illness and diseases do no let hair growth occur as it used to be. Some of the medicines are reliable and are consumed confidently to overcome hair loss. Conditions in which hair loss occurs due to hereditary, ageing or hormonal change, the medicine Rogaine can help get over the hair loss. It is eatable for both men and women to over come pattern baldness. Such medications bring good results in 6 months. The oral medication like Propecia is preferable among men, as it brings good changes after certain time period. Hair transplant is also a good option for eradicating hair loss. Still it is expensive and bit painful but preferred by majority of people to get rid of hair loss permanently.

Other cosmetic products that cover or disguise hair loss is not much expensive and out of pain but of course it should be done away from scalp as excess use may create scars or irritation on the head that may loose some more hair. Some people don’t get aware at the right time when they start hair loss; by the time the hair loss is observed it gets too late. Some of the symptoms when one should seek doctor’s guidance are mentioned here. Hair loss occurring in odd age that is in young age of teens or twenties is something bothered. Losing hair from one particular place is considerable. If the hair loss is observed in the opposite gender style, that is if you are man and observing hair loss in women pattern baldness than you should seek doctors guidance. Some hormonal disorders like improper menstruation, acne or facial hair issues also lead to hair loss. If the body is turning too weak that fatigue is felt frequently this also makes hair loss rapidly.

Thus the conditions are common if paid attention. It is recommended to observe these conditions in the right time, as if the complete baldness occurs, it gets difficult to grow hair back, especially in adult age.

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