Choosing the Most Suitable Colon Cleanse Strategy

by Eric James

Posted on Tuesday 14th of October 2008

With all discussions cropping up in various forms of media on how to have a clean and healthier colon, and how it is imperative to have a colon cleanse, have you ever wondered which program is right for you?

There’s a wealth of information pointing out that the colon is that part of the body that requires cleansing and detoxification. Health complication, as most of these say, are bound to set in if colon cleansing is not performed on the colon. The possibility that accumulated waste matter and toxins can lead to a toxic colon and body rings alarm bells for most people.

Being updated with the right information on the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of colon cleanse programs is very helpful before embarking on the road to detoxification.

When it comes to the most appropriate colon cleanse strategies, people vary in opinion. There are also conservative types who choose not to undertake any form of a colon cleanse program at all, believing that the body will naturally rid itself of toxins and clear the waste and bacteria in some way. There are those who worry that because the colon absorbs water as well as sodium, a certain colon cleanse program might be detrimental if it offsets the balance of the body's electrolytes and fluids, resulting to dehydration and a deficiency in minerals. Yet a thousand others will swear by colon cleanse techniques they have successfully adopted. An increasing number of people are grappling with numerous body disorders and for whom vitamin supplements may not be working, pushing them to check out what innovations in the market may possibly help.

One colon cleanse program offered online adopts the carrot-and-stick approach. It offers a special formulation designed not to cause “cramping or quick trips to the bathroom.” In effect, it claims to ease and facilitate “more productive bowel movements more often.” Novel colon cleanse programs offered online with positive testimonials from users are attracting a number of consumers who are fatigued, , extremely uncomfortable, bloated and even undesirably fat, and are keen on trying colon cleanse programs that promise a high success rate.

A color cleansing regimen must not be undertaken on whim. Proper evaluation of one’s health is crucial. A variety of product breakthroughs like prebiotics and probiotics make good sense. We all know how the good bacteria in probiotics can help promote healthy digestion. Prebiotics are available in tablet form or are naturally found in foods like whole grains, onions, bananas, garlic, and other foods. When taken as part of a suitable cleanse program, gut bacteria is rebalanced.

Indeed, the best colon cleanser will have to be regular intake of the right food. Fiber- rich foods like whole-grain, bran cereals, flaxseeds, green and leafy vegetables, plus colon-cleansing fruits and juices, along with adequate clean water, still top the ways for the colon to flush out unwanted toxins from the body. A natural colon cleansing program may also include herbal supplements. An example is Triphala, a valuable herb suited for digestive problems – it works as a mild laxative and helps improve the peristaltic movements in the gastro intestinal tract.

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