Acne Bacteria: The Myth and the Facts

by Mike H. Walden

Posted on Wednesday 15th of October 2008

The first thing that we must understand is that acne breakouts occur due to an imbalance in our body’s function. An acne bacterium does not cause acne but is responsible for the inflammation in and around the acne. Medication applied to the acne kills the bacteria superficially thereby reducing the inflammation but does not assure you of acne free skin permanently. For that we need to tackle the problem from within.

Acne is not just a skin problem.

Dermatologists refer to acne as an inflammatory disease of the skin. Superficial factors like an oily skin due to excessive production of keratin and sebum by the oil-producing sebaceous glands results in inflammation.

This results in blocked pores which facilitate the growth of acne bacteria causing inflammation visible as blackheads on the skin’s surface or whiteheads which are below the surface of the skin.

However, acne formation is due to a combination of various factors like overactive sebum glands, skin type, blocked pores and acne bacteria together with malfunctions inside our body which makes the skin susceptible to acne breakouts. That is why medical practitioners refer to it as a disease of the skin.

Is Acne a skin disease?

Acne is the body’s way of telling us that all is not right with the internal functioning of our various organs. Always bear in mind that acne is the result or symptom of a malfunction of our system and is not a disease of the skin as most medical experts would like us to believe.

However, if you go along with the doctors views then you will fail to look for the root cause of the problem which is causing the acne. You will not understand that your body is giving you signals via the acne to look for the inner imbalance.

The inner natural balance needs to be restored so that your skin becomes acne free and your health returns to its normal state. You will not need to use the creams, ointments or antibiotics that the skin specialist prescribes.

This naturally will make you wonder why doctors insist on treating acne and acne bacteria as a skin problem. It suits them to have a captive patient who will continue buying the antibiotics and lotions. The specialists will also earn brownie points from the manufacturers of the medications since their sales are increasing at your expense.

The usefulness of the acne bacteria

Yes acne bacteria, like all other types of bacteria are there for a purpose. These organisms or p acne bacteria as they are called are found on everybody’s skin. Their job is to attack other more virulent bacteria and to protect and maintain the natural balance of our skin.

Even if you don’t suffer from acne you will find that the acne bacterium is present on your skin. It has a very important role as guardian of our skin and also in ensuring the skin’s elasticity.

In the normal biological function these acne bacteria feed on the oil from the sebum glands and on perspiration. That is why they were created to protect the skin.

An acne bacterium does not spread and since it is not infectious it does not cause an acne breakout. Which brings us to the question that if all of us have acne bacteria then why don’t all of us suffer from acne?

The reason is that for a bout of acne to occur everything has to come together including low internal immunity to create conditions that will encourage acne to strike with all its attendant symptoms.

Conditions that assist Acne

Certain pre-conditions are necessary for acne to develop. Whenever the natural balance of our system, like an imbalance in our hormonal profile for example, gets upset, the sebaceous glands produce excess oil. This oil combines with the toxins that the body has not been able to flush out because of the blocked skin pores. This condition helps the acne bacteria to increase at an alarming rate resulting in an acne breakout with all its side effects.

To get rid of acne and its recurrence you must ensure that such a condition is not allowed to develop. The acne cannot be stopped by trying to destroy the bacteria with superficial medication. This will only put a temporary halt in the proliferation of acne bacteria unless you treat the root cause.

Antibiotics like benzoyl peroxide, monocycline or tetracycline only destroys the acne bacteria but does not treat the condition that is causing the bacteria to increase.

How to tackle Acne

We know what conditions cause the acne bacteria to flourish superficially on the skin. Now we need to find out what causes hormonal imbalance or the build up of toxins in our body. Only then can we get rid of the acne permanently.

The combination of excessive oil production and toxin build up helps the bacteria to thrive and multiply on the skin. But within our body biological changes, nutritional deficiencies, psychological or hormonal imbalances are the culprits responsible for the acne eruptions on the skin.

To ensure that your skin remains acne free permanently you need to restore the internal balance of your system. Simultaneously, the bacteria on the surface of the skin should be maintained at the normal level so that your complexion becomes radiant once again.

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